Exterior Painting Tips

Some Tips for the Exterior

Why exterior painting tips? Exterior house painting is a very important maintenance project. I am sure that you want to keep your home in the best shape possible, and a good layer of exterior paint will do the job, protecting from weather, water and sun damage.

I am sure that everybody knows how much more you spend if the regular car maintenance is not done. Similar things will happen with your home: no maintenance = more money spent to fix and repair later on. Below are a few exterior painting tips in College Station, TX, for you to help with this challenging job.

Exterior Painting Tips

  • Only a good exterior paint job together with a good exterior paint quality, fitted for the type of your home, will held the proper results and offer a long warranty
  • Saving money sometimes translates into spending much, much more later. Do not settle for a cheap estimate, unless you know for sure that you can count on a quality job. Usually, when it is too good to be true, is not true
  • Exterior painting is difficult and physically demanding. It will take a long time if you decide to do it yourself. This is the reason why it is a good idea to be well informed, know what to expect, and how to approach this type of project (and pay attention to our exterior painting tips)
  • Your home exterior walls and roof are exposed to extreme temperature, moisture, wind, dust, snow, hail, you name it! This is why your best bet is to select quality materials and apply them correctly, to prevent damage
  • Selecting high quality materials will translate later on in lower maintenance expenses, less repairs and definitely longer lasting exterior house painting
  • It is a good idea to consider painting well the exterior of your house as an investment. It will definitely increase the value of your home and totally worth the expense
  • Surface preparation is one of the most important steps (that may take a lot of time)
  • Exterior paint primer is important! Always select a good quality primer, usually the one recommended for your choice of paint
  • Common methods for exterior painting are both brushing (and rolling) or spraying.  Most likely you will end up using both methods
  • Spraying require more skills; can be very efficient when you know how to do. Don’t spray paint on a windy day, especially if there are cars parked nearby… Even if it is not windy, still, the chance of over-spray is high. Cover everything with plastic and drop sheets to avoid damages, and extra cleaning work. Furthermore, be aware that the paint sprayers can be dangerous. Do not point them at another person or yourself. Wear safety glasses and mask or respirator
  • Always paint when the weather is dry and, ideally, warm, not really hot (the paint will dry to fast). Watch weather forecast before starting an exterior paint project
  • Almost any kind surface can be painted; you just have to make sure that you are selecting  the right type and quality of paint
  • If your place is a brand new home, it may be a good idea to examine the exterior well and determine what should do, because some builders are saving money skipping some steps especially related with exterior paining
  • While it is possible to do it yourself (like everything else), you should expect a heavy physical work, be able to climb on a ladder, and take some ‘splashes’. This is not going to be a clean project!
  • A thorough evaluation of the condition of your house is always the best start. Following the exterior painting tips above will help you to focus and doing it right, the first time. A job well done will increase the curb appeal of your house.If this project looks intimidating at this point, better use true craftsmanship for the best possible results.

Waco Exterior Paint

Why choosing Waco exterior paint?

Waco is a great brand presence with a reputation for unparalleled quality, innovation, value and performance. Since 1947, Waco is always developing and searching for new materials, improving the quality and performance of their products.

For detailed information about exterior paint and other quality products, check Waco’s painting contractor official website.

Premium Plus Ultra from Waco comes with advanced nanoguard technology.It is considered to be one of the best exterior paints for your home. This product consist of paint and primer as well and is a perfect choice for various surfaces.

Wonder how to find the perfect hue for your home? It is not that hard, if you will consider to take the following steps:

1. Identify the looks and colors you like; maybe it is easier if you are starting by eliminating the colors you don’t want for sure

2. Look around your neighborhood, ideally, your home should blend or at least, ‘fit in the picture’

3. Take in consideration the color of your home’s fixed features; include them in your color scheme

4. Start a ‘vision board’, with all colors – existing and potential

5. At this point, you collected a large amount of samples. Time to narrow down and find out the winners!

Today we have so many paint brands to choose from. It is important to pick the best product (or one of the best products, at least). The final result of your project will depend on your paint choice. This is why to choose good… better…Waco!
Waco Exterior Paint